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Products > Access Control System > Exit Button / Emergency Exit Switch > iTec IT-H705 Emergency Door Release Break Glass  
iTec IT-H705 Emergency Door Release Break Glass
Product Code :1174

The IT-H705 emergency break glass system is normally intergrated to a fire alarm system. Usually there would be a sign that read, in case of emergency, break glass, can be mounted on a walls normaly in the hallways, always ready at a moment of emergecy notice to sound of fire alarms and alert others to comning danger and other emergency.


iTec IT-H705 Emergency Exit Door Release Break Glass

The IT-H705 emergency security door controls release is normally use for added security access control hardware, equipment and systems use for critical moments when there is not a moment to spare. The emergency door release break glass for exit is a safe unlocking systems, these Break Glass provide immediate unlocking of one door or all doors on the emergency situation.

Break glass system IT-H705 is an innovation tools, techniques and strategies which is normally intergrated to a fire alarm. If the last crisis is not important enough to break out the emergency glass switch eventually you can only break out these tools in the case of a crisis, not as part of an every day activity.

Exit fire emergency equipment is some of the most important safety device in your workplace. Make sure that everyone knows where it is, and how to use it. Break glass emergency unit has a double pole change over contacts from N/C to N/O when glass is broken. The IT-H705 main function is to override the electrical locking/release devices in case of emergency.

The implication was that if there wasn't an emergency, then you shouldnt break the glass. Emergency door release break glass IT-H705 can be mounted on a walls normaly in the hallways, always ready at a moment of emergecy notice to sound of fire alarms and alert others to comning danger and other emergency. Usually there would be a sign that read, in case of emergency, break glass, which would set off the alarm.


  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: Length 88 X Width 88 X Height 52mm
  • Output: NC/NO/COM
  • Application: Fire Door, Fire Passage
  • Working method: the internal wires are connected after glass broken
  • Emergency Door Release Access Control
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