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  iTec Global is looking for distributor and dealership in India, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and soon to other countries. for more info, please email us at: • iTec is set to deliver technologically innovative digital state-of-the-art products & high tech solutions to the industry. Our products are designed to meet the best quality standards, excellent solutions to the industry •
Products > Traffic Bollards > Automatic Rectractable Traffic Bollards
iTec CSA-300-12 Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard
Product Code : 1258
The iTec CSA-300-12 automatic vanishing bollard is a retractable type ground installation, armored traffic bollard with anti-breaking and high reliability dissuade, this retractable bollard is equipped with an Oleo dynamic retractable totally vanishing system. Hot galvanizing in depth and Anti-scratch painting in silicone base in colour Anthraxite on request, other colours are also available.
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iTec Cabi-140 Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard
Product Code : 1292
The iTec Cabi-140 automatic hydraulic retractable bollard is a hot galvanizing extractable structure containing a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical system. This automatic bollard has a unique body structure composed of guides that ensure linearity and resistance to impact. The extractable structure makes every test, maintenance and regulation easy and possible.
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iTec Cabi-140-4 Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard
Product Code : 1293
The iTec Cabi-140-4 automatic bollard is designed to high performance retractable bollard to contain the energy generated by impact with a vehicle. The Automatic bollard is designed to bounded access of the vehicles. Automation is composed of tube or a mechanical operation, the hydraulic or pneumatic or mechanical system to single body structure to make simple.
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iTec Cabi-200 Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard
Product Code : 1294
The iTec Cabi-200 Automatic Retractable Bollard for vehicle traffic control is composed of a tube or mechanical Fe360 Fe510 subjected to two types of treatment that protects from the elements. Hot dip galvanizing in depth and silicone anti-scratch coating anthracite and the removable galvanized structure for containing the hydraulic or pneumatic or mechanical system.
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iTec Cabi-200-4 Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollard
Product Code : 1295
The iTec Cabi-200-4 is a high performance retractable bollard designed to contain the energy generated by impact with a vehicle. This bollard is designed to delimit the access of vehicles entry and exit to designated road ways and areas. Pressure switch electrical connection box and number 2 "Fast Clip" multipolar connectors to IP67 quick-quick and secure connection to the bollard.
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