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  iTec Global is looking for distributor and dealership in India, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and soon to other countries. for more info, please email us at: • iTec is set to deliver technologically innovative digital state-of-the-art products & high tech solutions to the industry. Our products are designed to meet the best quality standards, excellent solutions to the industry •
Products > LCD Monitors
Best Value Series CCTV LCD Monitor
The Value series LCD is a cost effective monitors, with high quality color ideal use for standard analog video monitoring, digital video recorder DVR. This value monitor features a color normal screen panel and are available with 15-in., 17-in., and 19-in. viewable image quality.
Professional Premium CCTV LCD Monitor
The Premium series LCD flat panel monitors are high-resolution color monitors ideal use for analog video, digital video recorder (DVR), and PC applications. The monitors features a color liquid crystal display (LCD) flat-screen panel and are available with 15-in., 17-in., and 19-in. viewable picture areas.
Industrial Metal Case CCTV LCD Monitor
The Proffesional LCD are high-resolution colored monitors ideal use for high end CCTV security surveillance monitoring and PC applications. These LCD monitors features liquid crystal display LCD flat-screen panel with industrial metal case design, available with 26", 32" & 42" inches for excellent quality viewing.
LED Backlit Series Less Power CCTV Monitor
The LED backlit CCTV monitor 17" and 19" is a new series with Security standard different from consumer PC monitors and more advantage in both contrast and black level in a CCTV monitor, the edge lit of LED monitor uses less power than a typical LCD of the same size monitor, no mercury as in some other LCD backlight.
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